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Última actualización: 20/04/2015

Entorns de Comunicacio Virtual

En la asignatura miraremos de hacer uso de diferentes tecnologias estandard (html + JS) para conectar diferentes usuarios.


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Server: (or locally

Assigment I

To make a chat app that connects to the course server: “wss://” or “wss://” using the SillyClient from the library SillyServer so users can send messages between them.

When working from the university, remember to install the VPN of the UPF to be able to connect to the server.

The due date to the assigment will be Januaty 24th. You must send me a ZIP containing all the code and a README.TXT file with all the useful info (Fullnames, NIAs, MAILS) and info that you think could be useful to me.

Some features that you could add:

  • Special commands to do actions (change room topic, change username, etc)
  • Private messages between users (check sillyserver sendMessage parameters)
  • To add some very basic text based game inside the chat (like a trivial)
  • Allow to have avatars for every user
  • To create a canvas and allow users to draw together

Assigment II

Improve the chat from the first assigment so there is a canvas on the website visible by all users, where there is some kind of virtual space representation where every user can be seen.

The deadline is February 9th

Final Assigment

To create an application that involves all the concepts explained during the course (clients communication, world syncronization, realtime interaction, user interface).

The application doesnt have to have many features, but the ones that it has must be polished.

Not all the features must be working completly, you could prototype them to show case the use case in one specific situation.

As soon as you have something upload it to your account in the course server (using FileZilla in SFTP mode).

If you code a server side app you can access the server using the terminal (in windows use Putty), and if you launch any server app, usethe port assigned to you.

The app should address a PAIN (an specific need from a user) and should focus on people interacting between each other. The pain cannot be – Im bored -, must be something like – I have this problem and it would be nice to have an app that can help me solve it -. And how that pain is solved must involve other users in the platform.

The deadline is to be announced