Tamat's web projects

RoguED 2023

A simple Tilemap editor created for the 7DRL jam in 2021.

MOS6510 IDE 2023

A small development environment for the C64. It contains a MOS6510 compiler and a C64 Emulator.

Every-Thing 2022

A database with 3D preview of all assets in the game Everything.

Soda 2018

A clone of the infamous Sodaplay, where you create creatures by attaching springs and selecting its amplitude/phase.

Memes 2018

Silly memes generator based on some of the funny strips from MOLG.H.

Build Viz 2017

A Build maps visualizer. Drag any map from Duke Nukem 3D to visualize it (still lots of features missing). Thanks to some help from Ken Silverman.

SIDViz 2017

A MOS6581 SID chip visualizer. It runs a SID song from the C64 and shows the state of the SID chip to help to see how the composers craeted such amazing songs with only three channels.

Bookname 2016

A silly book cover generator.

Barcelona World Race 2014

A WebGL visualization for the Barcelona World Race game with different weather conditions.

WebGLStudio 2012-2015

A complete 3D Scene editor on the web. It comes with its own rendering engine I wrote from scratch, and lots of cool features (resource manager, mesh painting, particle editor, ...).

This is the project I'm working on right now most of my time.

More info in my blog post (dev version)

Simplecanvas 2012

A live coding environment to do visuals using a wrapper on the Canvas element to make it for straighforward.

It allow to share your creations or pack them on a animated GIF, or create a high-resolution version.

More info in my blog post

Mathnimatics 2011

Create animations using tiny snippets of code. It computes the equation for every pixel creating beautiful mathmatic images.

It doesn't use the GPU so it is a little bit slow (although I optimize it as much as I could) but is a nice way to test basic formulas.

More info in my blog post

Shared Canvas 2012

Collaborative drawing application with rooms and a chat, using canvas and websockets connected to a node.js server broadcasting all the actions of other users.

More info in my blog post

Conway using the GPU 2013

A Conway's game of life using the GPU to speed up the iterations.

It allow editing and comes with some interesting configurations of the grid.

Drag any file from your harddrive to the visualization to explore patterns.

More info in my blog post

3D Raster using Canvas 2012

A basic 3D raster done from scratch using HTML5 Canvas, with triangle sorting and basic flat light shader.

More info in my blog post

Hotcoding 2012

A realtime coding environment that evaluates your code meanwhile you are writing it, displaying instanly the results.

Based on the ideas by Bret Victor.

More info in my blog post

2D Scene Editor 2011

An unfinished 2D Scene editor for my own games, coded in Flash. It allows to arrange the sprites and set the properties.

The results are then exported as an XML.

Modular/Graph programming library 2011

A library to code using modules (similar to PD or MAX).

Right now is on hold because I have to refactor most of the code but I wanted to upload it to github so everyone could use it.

Freesound scapes 2011

A sound scapes creator using the Freesound database, coded for the Music Hack Day 2011 in 48 hours.

MAZr 2011

A old school RPG game engine made in WebGL, sadly it was never finished.

It clustered the meshes to speed up the rendering, and supported very big maps.

MAZr Editor2011

An online world editor for my MAZr engine, it allows to construct the levels and upload the assets.

To access use the login/pass guest/guest but be careful with what you do.

AI Challenge 2012

An unfinished game where people code AIs to escape from a Maze and challenge other users to see which AIs is the best.

Uploader 2013

Allows to upload huge files to my server just by dragging them on the window.

VRorschach 2011

A procedural simetrical shape generator. It allow people to name the faces they discover thanks to use a seeded numerical random generator.

More info in my blog post